Frontiers for Young Minds Live review!

I had one of the coolest experiences recently.  We did a live review for our publication ‘Don’t Judge a Plant by its Flowers’ to the journal Frontiers for Young Minds at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland California.  I was called in to help mentor Riva Bruenn and Valorie Lavenburg on writing this paper that is aimed at children ages 8-16 because it is based on the research that I did for the Spiraling in to History Costus phylogeny.  These two ladies are incredible collaborators, writing with them was so much fun.  Not to mention the unique challenges that come with aiming your research towards children.  I think this should be a requirement for scientist, maybe it would help solve our ‘communication problem’!  The journal is completely rigorous too.  The child reviewers are guided by adults scientist and not only do the criticise you on clarity, but also on methods and larger questions (see my fumble in answering “you don’t really explain why evolution happens” in the live review).  They submit a much more through review online that must be addressed.  And finger’s crossed we get accepted.  Hope you enjoy!  You can also view on youtube for full screen.

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